The Scripture Images Are Free to Use

  1. Look up Lockdown Warriors on your phone.
  2. Go to Scripture images and find an image you want to send.
  3. Pray over the image
  4. Click the share link
  5. Type name in the "To" field
  6. If you want to send a brief message type in you comments. Remember no preaching.
  7. Click send

This page contains the Scripture Images. When sending try not to turn your text message into a lecture or long sermon. It's just a simple, consistent, and gentle reminder. If done daily, you will be able to send a series of text message that can and will change hearts. Be low key, no sermons' or long texts. Encourage and when the opportunity comes you will have a willing heart ready to listen. May God Bless your new ministry!

Please put Lockdown Warriors .com on your prayer list.


Acts 4:12 Only One Way to be Saved

#39 There is Only One Way to Heaven

Acts 4:12

Do YOU know the way?

Where are your Reservations Hebrews 9:12

#36 Where are YOUR Reservations

Hebrews 9:27

Have you changed your reservation?

Repentance Gods Command Acts 17-30

#42 Acts 17:30

Did you know, not making a decision is the same as making one?

Matthew 7:23 Do you know Jesus

#37 Do You Know Jesus Well Enough to Die Tomorrow?

Matthew 7:23

The most important question ever to be asked. Does Jesus know you?

Romans Road

#43 Romans Road

The way to Salvation

Matthew 7:23 Do you know Jesus

#62 Are You a New Creature

2 Cor 5:17

How do you know you are saved?

Matthew 7-23 What will Jesus say

#38 What Will Jesus Say?

Matthew 7:23

What Will Jesus Say to YOU?

Your Own Ministry Right on Your Phone

Overcome the Fear of Witnessing


Encourage friends & family to step up their game. Encourage them with thought provoking scripture images.

Power Praying Father 600x706


You can mentor or teach a disciple using your phone and scripture images. Make the point stick using images with scripture.

Double Minded Man James 1-8


Using current events is a great way to teach precepts upon precepts. The images make great conversation starters.