Is your concern about your children’s spiritual well-being warranted? According to a poll released by Barna, it appears so.

Barna released the results of a survey that asked 513 parents of children younger than 18 about their level of concern regarding their children’s spiritual development and their children’s relationships with their peers.

Conducted April 23 through May 5, 2021, the survey asked parents “how concerned are you about your child/children’s spiritual development?”

This website was created specifically because of polls just like this one. When our kids begin to drift away from their Christian foundation, for whatever the cause and there are many, we the parents become powerless to save them. Any attempt to speak to them about their walk with Elohim are meet with rolling eyes and a sense of disgust. We wanna help and begin to bombard them with text messages because a face to face chat just doesn’t work. Sadly neither do text messages because they often become sermons/preaching/nagging; therefore, they are introduced to the delete key. So what can parents and grandparents do?

Prayer first and foremost again prayer first! Do I need to say it again? If you need help with prayer go to our War Room page. There you will find a method that will help you pray daily everyday and its free. There is nothing on this website for sale, Its a ministry given to me by Yahweh and what is freely given by God should be given freely. 

Then, check out the scripture image page. On that page, you will find picture images relating to scripture verses. The verses are categorized by topics, like: Encouragement, Obedience,  Salvation, Faith etc. There is a page specifically for kids here Kids Scripture Images. I just started creating Christian Music Videos similar to the scripture images.

With our zeal and heart fueled desire to get our children back onto the path to Yahweh, we overpower them and drive them away. Our well meaning becomes a golf club that drives them into the shadowy woods and dried up weeds of the world. When the disciple Paul was first saved, his zeal for Yeshua drove people away. His zeal was so strong Yahweh had to send him away to get a grip and calm down.

Now, maybe its time for you to get a grip. Create a War Room –  get in it and close the door. Ask Adonai for guidance, patience, perseverance, and help. You see, these scripture images are a low key non-confrontational way of approaching your loved one with a continuous reminder of who they belong to. A picture is worth a thousand words and in the form of a scripture image they stick. Why, because God’s Word does not return void Isaiah 55:11. The images are presented as an encouragement or enticement as a word to ponder. Its just a reminder. However, if our kids think about Elohim’s Word, even for a brief moment, His Word is planted in their head and heart forever and Adonai can and will use His Word for His Glory. Isn’t that what we are after, for our children to glorify Him? 

Last thought: If you have still have doubts this will work or God’s Word is not plain enough, then take a lesson from the world. How many times did your child ask for a toy they saw on TV? How many times did they see it? How many products have you bought because of an advertisement? How many times did you see it? How many forms did you see it in, Farcebook, magazine article or tv commercial? Where do you think the advertising world got the idea that advertising works? That’s right – the Bible. Flash it and they will buy it. Flash it and Yahweh will bring it to their remembrance at just the right second in time. Plant it and it will grow. Water it and it will grow some more. Obey the Great Commission and your loved one will be included in the harvest. It’s guaranteed by Yahweh Himself! 

Now, is the time! Soli Deo Gloria. For the Glory of God Alone.