Wanna Help
  • Do you have a Scripture Image you would like to share?
  • Do you have the ability to create Scripture Images?

This ministry is offered free of charge, as God’s Word is not for sale. It is a ministry and does not sell the images. The sole purpose of this website is to provide a ministry to those who do not have the resources our the mobility to have one. Therefore, we do not pay for material, but are grateful to those who have the talent, resources and a heart to share it for the Glory of God.

We need images that relate to different groups. For instance, a scripture may apply to all ages but images need to be relevant for different groups like kids, teens and the elderly. 

If you would like to provide an image, please review theses guidelines.

  • Images should be 340 x 620.
  • They must reference scripture.
  • They must have a call to action.
  • They cannot link to another site.
  • They must be designed to:
    • encourage
    • teach
    • witness
  • The image does not have to have the verse reference, but you must provide the scripture it is based on in the file name.
  • We reserve the right to make changes.

Any and all material submitted can be refused for any reason  I so choose, as an example: “I don’t like it” and without explanation.

By e-mailing an image, you acknowledge and agree to the above.

A Family Who Prays Together Stays Together

Send your image  to:   pixelbrains@protonmail.com    For security reasons we cannot use a contact form capable of uploading images.